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Name: Jim Dedmon                          From: Arlington, TX                  Trip Date: June 5th, 2018

I knew I was asking a lot of Bryce to put us on fish in June, but I just wanted to try catching anything in the water! Boy did I get a surprise! He found a spot on the lake where we caught 8 good sized CRAPPIE, 9 good sized fighting white bass and 5 nice sized largemouth bass! He has an excellent newer bass boat with an intelligent trolling motor that automatically keeps the boat in the same position! WOW! It was a great day on the lake! Oh yes, he did filet the fish!

Name: Mark & Renee Weston                From: Houston, TX                Trip Date: June 12th, 2017

We just wanted to say we had a fantastic time! My wife caught her first, second, third and fourth fish! Bryce knows where all the fishing holes are and we had such a great time. We will book another trip with Bryce as soon as we get back to Texas. Thanks Bryce!!

Name: Jimmy Howeth                From: Texarkana, TX         Trip Date: April 15th, 2017

Had another great trip with Bryce last weekend. The man knows Broken Bow Lake like the back of his hand, stays current on lake conditions and fishing patterns better than anybody I've ever fished with. Each time I've fished with him we catch a bunch of fish but more important is the knowledge of fishing that he shares with me. I've been fishing a long time but I learn something new each time I fish with Bryce. I highly recommend Bryce to take you fishing, but don't be surprised if you go on a Bass trip and end up taking a mess of Crappie or Walleye home for dessert as a bonus!

Name: Megan Greer            From: Longview, TX       Trip Date: February 14th, 2015

My boyfriend and I (and our pup) went on a Valentine's Day 5 hour trip with Bryce and it was a BLAST!  It was my first time fishing and he was super helpful and patient when it came to teaching me what to do. He even cleaned the fish for us after the trip. I would definitely recommend his tours to anyone who wants to know where the best fishing on Broken Bow Lake is! We'll for sure be coming back soon. 

Name: Jerry Isbell            From: Norman, OK            Trip Dates: August 15th & 16th, 2014

"Wonderful experience. Enjoyed it so much we booked him for a second day. Read my complete review of our outing with Bryce on Broken Bow Lake here: Broken Bow Lake Guide Service owned by Bryce Archey is the only guide service we endorse. Our cabin guests rave about their experiences on the water with him. I love the fellowship and fishing knowledge Bryce gives me on each outing. Bryce will teach you how to catch lots of fish while having fun. Beware, the urge to get back on Broken Bow Lake with him will hit you after each trip!"
Jerry Isbell

Name: Steve and Pat Childress      From: Ochelata, OK     Trip Date: May 2nd, 2014

Had a great time as usual. Caught some walleye and bass. Thanks Bryce for working so hard to get us a great stringer of fish! See you next year!

Name: Wade Mullinax           From: Winnsboro, TX         Trip Date: May 4th, 2014

  I met Bryce about five years ago when I was looking for a lake to catch some smallmouth bass. My dad had turned 80 years old and he had been talking about how much he wanted to catch a smallmouth bass. I learned that Broken Bow Lake had smallmouth bass in it, but I knew nothing about the lake. In the spring of 09, I booked a guided trip with Bryce for my dad and me. About mid way through the day, dad hooked about a two and a half pound smallmouth! It really made his day and mine. We also were introduced to walleye and how fun they are to catch and eat. Ever since that first trip, we have made it a point to fish with Bryce at least twice a year. 
When you fish with Bryce, it’s more than just catching fish. You are being taught how to fish the lake and how to present your bait. Our last trip with Bryce was on May 4th of this year. We caught smallmouth, walleye, and spotted bass, and 
had a blast. The next Saturday, my dad and I pulled our boat to Broken Bow and used the tips and techniques Bryce taught us and we caught 25. 
From where I live I can be on Lake Fork in 15 minutes, Lake Bob Sandlin in 15 minutes, or Lake Cypress Springs in 15 minutes. By far Broken Bow Lake is my favorite lake to fish. Where else can you make a single cast and catch a largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass, walleye, crappie, hybrid, or a white bass?
I will continue to book at least two trips a year with Bryce, one in the spring and one in the fall. He has a wealth of knowledge and I consider him a friend.      

Name: Terence Collier         From: Texas        Trip Date: March 15th, 2014

Went on a trip with Bryce, my 13 year old, and another dad. It was a little chilly in the morning, but the weather warmed up and Bryce found the spot. When we tapped out the spot on white bass, we moved to another location and found crappie and even larger white bass. Found so many we had to do catch and release to save some for the rest of you folks!
We had a wonderful time, Bryce, and we will be back to Broken Bow in the future.

Name: Brett & Kim Siedelmann   From: Van Alstyne, TX   Trip Date: March 13th-14th, 2014

What an AWESOME trip! Beautiful day, the best guide ever, and lots of fish! We will be calling Bryce again for another excursion. Thank you, Bryce, for a great day. Made our trip to Broken Bow!

The Siedelmanns, Brett, Kim, Slater, Logan, Nina and Jane

Name: Pat and Steve Childress     Trip Date: June 25th, 2013

 We had a wonderful time with Bryce. Caught some really good fish and learned a lot about the lake and fishing the lake.  Just wanted you to know how much we appreciated the fishing trip with you.  I was able to fix 3 batches of fillets from the fish we caught....probably would have had 4, but we like fish!! Thanks again for the great time.

Name: Tessa Hosford-Manke       From: Keller, Texas        Trip Date: March 10th, 2013

I just wanted to send a HUGE thanks to Bryce for a fantastic time. My son and brother had the opportunity to go out with Bryce and talked about their fishing experience the whole trip out there. They caught 50+ whitebass, crappie and largemouth bass in half a days time. Thank you for being flexible with the weather, they enjoyed every minute of being out on the lake, they both learned from you and we will be calling you again on our next trip out there! GREAT Money well spent!

Name: Chip Porche`          From: Norman, Oklahoma     Trip Date: Several over the years

Broken Bow Lake has a special mystique about it. If you're heading to fish this Southeastern Oklahoma gem, then you need to contact Bryce for a trip. Bass, Crappie, Walleye, or Sand Bass, it doesn't matter. Fun fishing for family groups to the tournament angler, Bryce has it all covered to make your trip a fun success. Give him a call to line up a trip, and chances are you'll make another friend too!

Chip Porche'
2013 Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie

Name: Trevin & Brittany Thibodeaux      From: Haughton, Louisiana        Trip Date: February 24th, 2013

We were completely satisfied on our guided trip with Bryce. He was very honest and helpful in all aspects. He made us feel very comfortable from the get go! He made sure not to waste time in areas when we were not successful and gave every effort to put us on the fish. We were very satisfied with our outcome and had a great experience. We highly recommend him to anyone and will definitely be using him again on our next trip. We thank you again, Bryce, and we hope to be back in the near future!

Name: Greg Friedrich         From: Long Prairie, Minnesota        Trip Date: 8/22-8/24/2012

Anyone that would attempt to fish this lake without a guide is a fool. So keeping that in mind ,you happen to be reading this on the best guide for Broken Bow Lake's web site. Bryce did a fantastic job for us and he knows this lake like the back of his hand. We caught a lot of fish and had top of the line equipment , very prompt, and some great stories. Thanks again and we will be back!

Name: Bill Balcom         From: Silver City, New Mexico        Trip Date: 8/22-8/24/2012

Hi Bryce, I have been fortunate enough to fish a lot of water from Baja to the Northwest territories with countless lakes in between. My trip to Broken Bow was as as enjoyable as any place I have ever been. Your enthusiasm, skill, and the ability to teach old dogs, new tricks made it a trip I will never forget. By the way, we caught and released close to 100 fish in three days. I can't wait to get back on the water with you again.
My best, Bill

Name: Ridge Miller         From: Dallas, TX        Trip Date: April 14th, 2012

First off let me say what a great time we had Saturday with you. It was great to see a guide that was professional, customer service oriented, and knowledgable not only in the lake but in the different species of fish. Having used a guide service before this experience was completely opposite not only because we caught way more fish (over 80!), but because you never gave up trying to put us on fish. This experience was great for our family and we'd love to use your service again. Thanks for the memories!

Name: Steve Haberly         From: Dallas, TX         Trip Date: March 16th-17th, 2012

Fantastic trip, Bryce!! Great fishing but even more important......You're the kind of person that makes the whole trip a pleasure. You're informative and always positive.  You're a man with great people skills to go with your fishing talent. I consider it an honor to have spent 2 exciting days together. I look forward to more in the future!

Name: Chad Whidden         From: Granbury, TX         Trip Date: March 9th, 2012

I went to fish with Bryce on a post front day and didn't think it would be too good but hey, I love to fish! Regardless of the less than perfect day for fishing we caught a lot of fish including Smallmouth, Largemouth, Walleye, Crappie and Spotted Bass! We also boated a 10 pound Largemouth Bass!! Bryce is a great guide and person to fish with. Very knowledgeable and works hard to keep you on the fish.

Name: Lynn & Gaye Rogers          From: Norman, OK         Trip Date: October 25th, 2011

"We have been fishing with Bryce for about six years. He is undoubtedly the best guide now working on Broken Bow Lake. He is polite, friendly and very hard working, doing his best to make sure his clients get a good chance to catch fish. Also, Bryce shows clients the right techniques to use for the species of fish and the water and weather conditions. We wholeheartedly recommend Bryce if you want a good day of fishing!"

Name: Steve & Shanna Beard      From: Grapeland, Texas      Trip Date: October 10th, 2011

"Steve and I had a great time fishing with Bryce this past Monday. I wish we had taken pictures and kept a count, however we have guess-timated no less than 50 fish. It was a very successful and fun filled fishing trip. We were very impressed how he kept us on fish the whole time. He obviously knows the lake and fish very well. Thanks for a great catch and a great time!  We are looking forward to coming back to fish with him in the spring for Smallmouth and Walleye.

Name: James Reib        From: Bixby, OK      Trip Date: June 10th, 2011

"My son Sawyer and I, who for his 7th birthday present, had the pleasure of fishing with Bryce. What a special and memorable day we had. We caught several different species of fish throughout the trip. Bryce showed us diffenent techniques which seemed to work flawlessly. This was the first time I had used a guide, and will say Bryce was a great choice! Look forward to fishing with Bryce again soon. Thanks for the new friendship as well.....WE WILL BE BACK!!"

Name: Justin Mummey      From: Rockwall, Texas     Trip Date: May 20th, 2011

Last weekend we went on a half day trip with Bryce and had a blast. He put us on lots of great fish. This was one of the best fishing trips I've ever been on, and had an awesome time catching many varieties of fish, especially walleye. Bryce Archey is an excellent guide and most importantly treated us like old friends. We will be back soon!

Name: Rebecca & Jake         From: Broken Bow, Oklahoma        Trip Date: June 1st, 2011

"Prior to this fishing trip, Jake and I have been fishing several times and hadn't caught anything. So I thought it was time to find a guide to take us out and help us in our slump. Well I don't think that we picked a better guide than Bryce. He was totally amazing. Not only did we catch a bunch of fish that were keepers, but he took the time and taught us a lot of fishing tips and techniques. He showed us a what proper setup we needed for our poles and what bait would work best in the current weather conditions. He has a super personality that made the trip fun even on the hottest day. Overall trip was the best that we have had in a long time. Thanks Bryce for your time and effort that you put into us. P.S. I tried to get Bryce to give me a ride on big bertha (innertube), he wouldn't so don't ask, lol."

Name: Don Elgin      From: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma      Trip Date: November 4th, 2010

"Fished with Bryce on 4 november 2010 all day. A strongcold front had passed the evening before, bright sunnysky, wind 15 to 20 with gusts to 30. We were on fish allday, my guess is we caught between 50 and 60 Bass of whichseveral were quality fish. The way he handled the boat inthe wind was great and I could not have been treatedbetter anywhere. He is a real Pro and can really take careof his customers. If you want a great fishing trip on Broken Bow call Bryce."

Name: Woody, Aaron, & Adam Bren      From: Texas      Trip Date: October 2010

On behalf of the three of us, thank you for the great time you showed us over two days of fishing on Broken Bow Lake.  Your professionalism, outstanding boat and tackle, and knowledge of the lake made for a great time.  The added bonus was all the fish we caught.  You are a hard working guide that takes care of his clients.  Thank you again for making our trip memorable.

Name: Steve Mack     From: Midlothian, Texas    Trip Date: October 30th, 2010

"My wife and I are not fishermen, yet I wanted to go fishing on one day of our three day stay at Beavers Bend State Park. A little searching on the Internet brought us here. We showed up with our fishing licenses and a smile. Bryce was great! He brought all the gear we needed and gave us lessons on casting, etc. as we went along. We had a great time catching Small, Large and Spotted Bass. We kept enough fish for a fish fry that night and Bryce cleaned them for us too (no bones). All in all is was a great day on the lake and we have Bryce to thank for it. I would encourage anyone wanting to catch fish and learn the lake to look no further than Bryce. P.S. We had a nice stay at the cabins in the State Park." 

Name: Kyle Horn     From: Hurst, Texas     Trip Date: May, 2010

"Bryce was an outstading guide. I have fished for many years but my wife doesn't. Not only was he able to show us new techniques, teach, and train, he was able to put us a TON of quality fish. My wife had a blast too. She enjoyed catching fish but also see the beautiful lake. Bryce was a fun guy with a few stories that made it feel like we were fishing with a buddy. both my wife and I had a personal best. she had a nice 3+ Largemouth and I caught my biggest smallmouth at 4.60lb."

Name: Dale Maiella     From: Dallas, Texas      Trip Date: May 30th, 2010

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you, as well as the other guide, for making the
fishing experience a memorable one for my husband, daughter and our guests. I
was able to enjoy hiking with my other daughter at Beavers Bend Park during that
time too. We were blessed with fabulous weather and enjoyed a great weekend in Broken Bow.
Thank you for your part in that."

Name: Brad Huser     From: Holdenville, OK     Trip Date: March 24th, 2010

"Bryce certainly is a professional guide who obviously knows Broken Bow Lake extreemly well. We fished on a difficult post-front day and Bryce worked very hard to put us on the fish. He is personable, friendly and a very skilled angler. I would highly recomend him to anyone who is unfamilar with the lake or anyone who wants to fish with a top-notch guide. On our trip, given flucuating water tempatures, we still boated 50 plus fish. Thanks Bryce for the hard work."

Name: Darren King     From: Edmond, OK     Trip Date: March 18th, 2010 

"Bryce got us on the sand bass within 5 minutes getting to our spot. Had a blast with Bryce. Not only did we catch plenty of fish, we really enjoyed his company. And he knows how much to teach you and when to just let you enjoy being on the lake. Great time, we are looking forward to the next time."

Name: Joshua Yeager & Ryan Smith     From: Ponder, TX     Trip Date: March 16th, 2010

"My family and I went to Broken Bow, OK for Spring Break and I planned a fishing trip for my son and I. I couldn't have picked a better guide for our fishing trip! Bryce took us out on the beautiful Broken Bow lake for 5 hours and we had the time of our lives! My son and I caught tons of fish and had a blast on the boat. We came home with 42 filets and are ready to have a huge fish fry! I can't thank Bryce enough for the wonderful time we had and we will definitely be calling him again next Spring break when we return! Thank You! - Joshua Yeager"

Name: Adam & Horacio Arredondo     From: Iowa Park, TX     Trip Date: November 7th, 2009

"My father and I booked a trip this November with Bryce. It was above and beyond anything we expected. The lake is incredible, large and overwhelmingly beautiful. The fish we caught appeared healthy and were of good substance. Bryce is extremely knowledgeable, very professional, and knows how to put you in the best situation possible to produce fish. He has a commanding and vast understanding of the lake’s geography. We could not have been more impressed. On top of it all, Bryce is warm and engaging, allowing for a great fishing experience. Dad and I can’t wait to book a trip with him again!"

Name: Mark & Deb Anell        From: Pratt, KS       Trip Date: October 15th, 2009

"It was our 20th anniversary and we wanted to experience guided fishing. We came across Bryce's website and built our whole vacation around him. Good move. Earlier in the week it was rainy and then starting around 3am we received 2 inches. We were on the water a little after 7am and Bryce knew where to try. We caught and released well over 100 fish on our 8 hour trip. Literally! 4 different varieties of bass. We kept spotted bass - which he cleaned later and delivered to us. He was fun, encouraging and a great teacher. With the fish hitting like they were he was hopping all day. I used to be a tomboy as a child but it didn't take me long to waive the end of my pole to him to remove my fish! Thank you, Bryce! We cannot wait to come back."

Name: Larry Blanchard      From: Texas       Trip Date: October 11th, 2009

"Thanks for the great trip this weekend, I really enjoyed it alot.  Also your professionalism was outstanding.  Look forward to the Thanksgiving weekend trip.
Oh, one problem, nobody believes the number of fish we caught in a short period of time....but I guess you had to be there..."

Name: Derin Dilbeck     From: Jenks, OK     Trip Date: May 29th, 2009

"Can't say enough good things about Bryce, especially compared to other guides I have been out with. Bryce put my buddy and I on a good mess of spotted bass in the morning (I think we caught around 12-15), then came thru later in the morning with around 7 walleye, 4 of which were keepers. He delievered these at a time when the lake level was high, and said he couldn't promise any walleye. Bryce was fun, informative, and very educated as to the makeup of the lake and location of fish. Don't hesitate to book with Bryce, he will go above and beyond to make your trip enjoyable and productive. I can't wait ti fish with him again during "prime" walleye time! Bryce, thanks again for a GREAT trip!!!!"

Name: Jeff Colley     From: Edmond,Ok     Trip Date: June 5th-6th, 2009 

"Great trip on a great lake. Bryce made the trip. I learned how to fish with "finesse" baits that I will take with me to other lakes. Really patient. Sorry for all the lost plastics.See you soon."

Name: Stephen Pond     From: Tulsa, OK      Trip Date: June, 14th 2009

"We had a great day with Bryce. He thoroughly enjoys what he does and it shows. He is very knowledgeable about the lake and where the fish are. We will be back at the end of the year to fish again with him."

Name: Bob Berles     From: Mena, Arkansas     Trip Date: March 5th, 2009

"I wanted to take my wife fishing for her birthday but I couldn't find quite the guide I was looking for. Then when I picked up a Hochatown Tourist and saw Bryce's ad, I explored his website and decided this is the one. Then the weather didn't cooperate and the birthday date was out. But Bryce was able to set us up a few days later and we had a great time, especially my wife, and she (and I) are looking forward to the next time. In the meantime, we'll be eating bass (that I haven't tasted for 50 years) for quite a while. And we'll be back for more, too! Thank you, Bryce!"

Name: Matt Hubbell     From: Ft. Worth, TX     Trip Date: October 17th, 2008

"Bryce provided us with a very successful day of fishing on Broken Bow Lake. His knowledge of fishing techniques, baits, underwater structure, and lake and river currents is invaluable. As a moderately experienced fisherman, I'm always trying to learn from professional guides as they practice their craft. Bryce was very forthcoming with information and the day was a great educational experience for me. Thanks, Bryce."

Name: Frank McKimmins     From: Rowlett, TX     Trip Date: August 21st, 2008

"I called Bryce with short notice and I had all week open to fish. Bryce checked the weather and suggested Thursday was the best day to fish. He went the extra mile and more to put us on fish. We had a great day on the lake.  
Thanks Bryce for a great memory"

Name: Gary, Nick, & Jon Brown     From: Allen, Texas     Trip Date: May 29th, 2008

"What an AWESOME time my two sons and I had fishing with Bryce on beautiful Broken Bow Lake. On the water by 6am we were on the fish at the very first stop. I must say that Bryce has sure done his homework and knows exactly what should work with the existing weather and lake conditions. With perfect weather that day and Bryce leading the way, we continued to fish with constant action for a solid 5 1/2 hours, boating a variety of different bass. I found Bryce to be extremely pleasant and liked how he shared and patiently demonstrated fishing tips to everyone onboard. We will be sure to book a trip with him again."

Name: Lynn & Gaye Rogers       From: Norman, OK       Trip Date: May 16th, 2008

"We had a great day fishing with Bryce in May, 2008.  We caught 13 walleye, 7 of them nice "keepers," plus a variety of other fish including spotted bass, largemouth bass and a big crappie. Bryce is an excellent guide.  He knows the lake well, is patient, polite and very helpful.  We wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good day of fishing with a top notch guide."

Name: Bill Lee       From: Lexington, South Carolina      Trip Date: April 28th, 2008

"I highly recommend Mr. Archey, for he is an exceptional guide on a beautiful lake. We began our day on the water catching sand bass (white bass) with grubs. The fish were the largest I have caught with most of them ranging from 2.5 to 3.5#. After catching over 20 we moved on to catching Kentucky/spotted bass with spinner baits. This was a real treat for us since we caught over 40 ranging from 1.5 to 3#. There was one largemouth and a walleye also in the catch. This was a great guide trip and I definitely can say that I truly enjoyed the trip.

Name: Bohn Frazer        From: Shawnee, Kansas        Trip Date: April 25th, 2008

"I had been planning on meeting my daughter for a fishing trip since winter. The date was fixed and could not be changed. Then the rains came. Two plus weeks out Bryce informed me the lake was at a record flood stage and a boat couldn't even be launched. I said, if we can get on the lake, we are going fishing. I didn't expect too good a trip since the significant water condition changes. Bryce only had two or three days on the water before we arrived. When the appointed day came, Bryce put us on the fish from the first cast, knew the right lure to use, and we had a ball. Nothing makes a parent happier than to see their kid (mine is a 24 year old kid) have a great time, and I was a happy camper. Not to mention that my wife and I also caught a lot of nice fish. What a great guy to be around with a most pleasant personality. You can tell he truly enjoys what he does. He even let my wife and I tag along in our little boat. If you want to catch fish and have a lot of fun, sign up Bryce for a fishing trip. We are already planning our next outing this fall. . . ." Bohn Frazer

Name: Chip Porche'      From: Bixby, OK      Trip Date: Various

"Are you coming to Broken Bow lake? Bryce is the guy you want to be in the boat with, he'll turn a good day into a great day. You want to learn how to catch those big smallmouth? Bryce is the only guy I would recommend. He will have you around fish all day. He puts all of his customers number one and is awesome with all ages! He has fished the lake his whole life, know's every cut and corner on the whole lake. That's why he's been able to guide on this lake for 12 years and counting..Just look at his clientele of customers,it says it all! Bryce is a true gentleman, give him a call."
OU Bass Fishing Team Vice President, represented Oklahoma in the U.M.F.C.E on the Outdoor Channel

Name: Jack Mocnik, MD     From: Tulsa, OK    Trip Date: Many over last few years

"To summarize our many successful trips over the years: You will catch a lot of fish with variety of techniques and have a blast doing it.  You haven't gone fishing on Broken Bow Lake until you have gone fishing with Bryce.."

Name: Trip Moore    From: Oklahoma City, OK   Trip Date: May 31st, 2008

"My son, Clif, and I are just a couple of "City Boys" who don't know much about fishing. Bryce was not only very competent and experienced, but took the extra time to teach my son how to fish. He learned things that no other guide would have ever taken the time to teach him. He is hooked on fishing and can't wait for our next trip. Bryce, if you can handle some new clients, I've got some lined up for you. Thanks for the great day."

Name: Lynn Rogers    From: Norman, OK    Trip Date: November 28-29th, 2008

"Bryce and I had a great time fishing for spotted bass (Kentuckies) off rocky points and steep dropoffs the weekend after Thanksgiving. The weather was ideal (cloudy and cool with sprinkles of rain) and we caught probably 35 or 40 fish in one and a half days; a mixed bag of blacks, spots and a few smallmouths. Nothing giant, but several in the 2 to 4 lb. range. Bryce is very knowledgable about the lake, and is very patient in instructing clients (like me) about techniques to catch good fish. I wholeheartedly recommend him to others.."

Name: Eric Martello         From: Keller, TX           Trip Date: June 2, 2006

"I just wanted to thank Bryce for his hard work trying locate walleye and smallmouth bass (two fish we've never seen or caught in person) for my father-in-law and myself.  Though the fishing was slow and we only caught a few fish, we managed both a smallmouth for my father-in-law, and my first walleye ever (i've caught bass, crappie, etc plenty of times). We were both ecstatic.  Nobody works as hard, or is as honest and forthgiving on advice/technique for
Broken Bow than Bryce is. Thanks for the lasting memories, Bryce. I know Kirby really loved it.  Next time, we'll come during the spawn for more of that action."

Eric J. Martello

Name: James Gilzow, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette    From: Bella Vista, AR   Trip Date: June 8th-9th, 2006

"I came across Bryce through this web site while planning a business/pleasure trip to Broken Bow. It was evident from the moment we first spoke on the phone that I had made the right choice in a guide. As a lifelong outdoor editor, tournament fisherman and former part-time guide, I can truly say I've never fished with a more knowledgeable, accommodating and professional guide. Not only does Bryce know every nook and cranny of Broken Bow Lake, he knows bass — largemouths, spots and smallmouths.  He absolutely won't mislead you — if conditions aren't favorable for a productive trip, he'll say so and even suggest coming another time. And perhaps best of all, he's a darn nice guy and a lot of fun to fish with. I would strongly recommend Bryce to anglers of any age, gender or skill level. Two things are certain — you'll learn something, and you'll have a wonderful time."

Name: Raymond Kriete     From: Dallas, TX         Trip Date: November 1st, 2006

"I had never even caught a smallmouth bass before but with Bryce's instruction and patience I was able to catch several. Unlike some other guides I've fished with, Bryce's #1 priority is to make a great fishing day for his customers and he does it exceptionally well.  Bryce, thanks for a great time, and I'm going to make a real effort to come back and do this again in the spring on one of the most beautiful lakes I've ever fished. And I still want to know how you caught a smallie on the first cast when you were just demonstrating the cast and retrieve. Did you train that fish to do that ;-) "

Name: Ken Sivard     From: Idabel, OK         Trip Date: Several since 2006


Name: Justin Fourton     From: Dallas, TX       Trip Date: Spring 2007

" I fished with Bryce as my guide for the first time this spring and had one of the best fishing experiences I've ever had. We fished a 5 hour trip in the morning and boated 23+ fish (largemouth, smallmouth, and walleye). He was
very honest about the fishing conditions prior to booking the trip and gave me enough information to make a good decision on whether or not to make the drive up there...I'm glad I did. He was enjoyable to be around and taught me quite a bit about the techniques he was using to locate the fish and select the lures we used. I won't hesitate to call him the next time I'm planning a trip to Broken Bow."

Name: Lynn & Gaye Rogers     From: Norman, OK    Trip Date: November 9th, 2007

" We had a good time catching Kentucky (spotted) bass--nothing huge, but we caught enough to make for a fun day. Bryce is a very nice, polite and knowledgable young man that can get you onto fish and help you catch them if they are cooperating at all. We have fished with him previously, and plan to go out with him again in the future.."

Name: Bryan Jackman      From: Wright City, OK      Trip Date: Many over the last few years

"I have taken several trips with Bryce, some early morning and some night trips.  I have fished my entire life and thought I knew everything there was to know about fishing.  After my trips with Bryce, I discovered a whole new world of fishing.  Bryce is so knowledgeable about techniques, conditions, and fishing in general that it blew my mind.  He was so helpful and patient with me.  The learning experience was what I valued the most.  I know I can take what I learned from Bryce and use it in the Fall and next Spring and come home with a boat full of fish.  Thanks again Bryce!"

Name: Will Irwin          From: Bethesda, Maryland     Trip Date: March 29th, 2008

"In my experience, Bryce knows the waters he fishes and the behavior of the species in them. He fishes alongside to test what equipment and presentation are effective, and is adaptable to current conditions. He is a patient teacher, speaks fluent Fish, and is good company all day long. He introduced me to a very nice fat lady, gave me my head and plenty of time to play her, then deftly got her into his (very sleek) boat. My first-ever real trophy fish made the trip worth it; I look forward to going back. Take your camera; you'll want it both for the fish and the scenery. I'm glad he had his; check out the pictures in the photo gallery. Thanks, Bryce!"

Name: Allen Palmer       From: Marble, Falls, Texas       Trip Date: April 28th, 2008

"My wife and I were first attracted to Broken Bow Lake and the Beavers Bend Park area by its Fall foliage beauty. It wasn't until this trip that we realized what a real treasure Broken Bow Lake really is. Bryce showed us on this trip that even with record rainfall and resultant discoloring of this normally crystal clear lake, he knows the structure of the lake and the habits of its fish to put us on a tremendous day of fishing. We caught between 50 and 60 fish (lost count in the excitement) consisting of spotted bass, large mouth bass, white bass (sandies), and walleye. I highly recommend Bryce for his warm personality, integrity, and ability to "Put you on the fish". Thanks again Bryce!!! See you again soon."

Name: Gary Rayburn      From: Norman, OK     Trip Date: Several trips over last 10 years

"Bryce has taught me so much about Broken Bow and about fishing in general.  I would highly recommend his service for anyone from the competitive tournament angler that is looking for an edge on Broken Bow to the father and child that are wanting a relaxing outing and some fond memories of the most beautiful lake in Oklahoma.  Bryce has always been very professional, prepared, and a gracious host.  He is great with kids and will help you with your accommodations.  I don't go to Broken Bow without calling Bryce first to check his availability. "

Name: John Williams      From: Tulsa, OK      Trip Date: 2 times per year

"I met Bryce doing a T.V. show about five years ago.  Not only is Bryce an excellent guide, he is extremely knowledgeable in this sport.  He is very professional, cleancut and he knows the lake as well as his own front yard.  I have worked in the fishing industry for many years.  I have fished with guides throughout the country.  No question, Bryce is the best I have ever encountered.  Bottom line, the boy will get you on fish. I highly recommend Bryce.  Book early in advance, he's busy year round."

Bass Wishes,
John Williams
Falcon Rods

Name: Jim & Arlene Jacobs        From: Oklahoma City, OK     Trip Date: April 2004 - 2014

"My wife and I have fished with Bryce on my birthday the last two years in late April. What a great birthday present. Both years we put around thirty fish in the boat, mostly smallmouths and a few nice walleye.  Several of these were really good quality fish. Bryce knows the lake extremely well and strives to make your day of fishing as enjoyable as possible. Both times we had an absolute blast.  Of course my wife outfished me both years but thats O.K. too.  I would highly recommend hiring Bryce the next time you go to Broken Bow.  I still catch fish on the lake becuase of what I learned those two days. I guarantee you will too."

Name: Dunham Family          From: Tulsa, OK        Trip Date: September 8, 2005

"All the Dunhams had a great time.  My father-in law Norwood probably said 20 times "man that Bryce is a nice fellow.". I Thank you so much for showing them a great time..  Maybe next time I will get to fish...Thanks again for taking good care of Dad. He is very special not only to me but the entire Family. Thank - You...."

Name: Stan Dunham         From: Stillwater, OK         Trip Date: September 7, 2005

"My son and I had a terrific fishing experience with Bryce on Broken Bow Lake. Although we knew that fishing for bass in late summer might be a slow time--especially with the low lake level conditions--Bryce put us on to some nice bass bites. We caught 15-16 Largemouth, Kentucky, and even a couple of Smallies, not counting what Bryce caught. For me, the biggest thrill was experiencing two excellent early morning Smallmouth bites on a topwater lure (Zara Spook). I missed the first bite, but nailed the second one. It wasn't huge, but it was a decent sized one-pounder-plus that had more fight than sense. Bryce is a consummate professional and an excellent teacher. He made every effort to carry out a productive and enjoyable plan for the morning. Having been out of fishing for awhile, I was unaccustomed to such techniques as "walking the dog" and drop shotting a finesse worm. It's nice to now have those techniques in my arsenal, because I definitely plan to return to Broken Bow Lake...and to learn more from my new friend, Bryce Archey."

Name: Dave McIntosh  From: Oklahoma City, OK    Trip Date: November 3, 2005

"A buddy and I recently fished Broken Bow with Bryce. To say conditions were tough would be an understatement. The lake was down 15 feet and the skies were clear but Bryce was still determined that we would have a productive day. By the end of the day, we were able to catch around 25, mostly Kentucky bass, but we also had one black bass that bumped the slot and Bryce caught a bonus walleye. Bryce worked hard to put us on a lot of potential areas and also showed us how to rig and fish a drop shot. If you go to Broken Bow, you need to give Bryce a call."

Name: Brice Duncan      From: Owasso, OK       Trip Date: April 22, 2006

"My father and I fished with Bryce recently. Bryce is a great guy, he is very knowledgeable of the lake, and his aim was for us to have a good time.  We were fishing in tougher conditions, and he still put us on fish.  What I also noticed was Bryce is patient and willing to not just find fish, but to give pointers, and to help teach as well. We had a blast and will fish with Bryce again for sure."

Name: Delmos E. Hamilton       From:  Odessa, TX        Trip Date: May 18th, 2006

"Bryce: I had a marvelous time fishing with you on Broken Bow. Your expertise and services were well above average, and I felt totally comfortable in your boat.  Fishing that day was a little less than average, but the wind didn't cooperate very well.  I have fished many lakes and with many guides, but you are singularly outstanding in your knowledge of the lake, of fishing in general, and how to make a fisherman or novice feel great.  You really worked at
it, and I appreciate that.  I'll be back knocking on your door next trip!

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