Updated 3/26/2015

Due to the changing weather conditions and the inconsistency of the lake level, I am just now posting a spring fishing report. I apologize for waiting, but I wanted to be accurate in the information I provide.

 First, the Corps of Engineers has announced the powerhouse will not be generating water for about 6 weeks due to maintenance. This means water will be released thru the spillway gates to control the lake level. So, as of right now, the amount of water being released is 1045 cubic feet per second with one Low Flow Valve open 25% and two Tainter gates open 0.50 feet. The lake level is 5 feet above normal with the water temps in the mid 50's to low 60's. With the lack of generation thru the powerhouse, the lake level will remain above normal for the majority of the spring. This will affect how and when the fish transition to spawn. Also, it will change the techniques used when targeting different species of fish.

 Largemouth and Spotted bass: When targeting these species begin looking on secondary points and flats off of main creek channels. As the water warms, they will make their way to shallow water to begin spawning, typically when the temps are in the low to mid 60 degree range. Depths to target can range from 2-10 feet of water. Good baits to try are Carolina rigged soft plastics, Texas rigged soft plastics, Flukes, and Senkos. Colors can range in variety due to water color. so just be flexible and adjust to the conditions given each day.

 Crappie: Begin looking for these fish in shallow water around brush or stumps on flats and shallow banks in main creek channels just off the main lake or river channels. Depths you may find them can be as shallow as a couple feet of water, all the way out to 12-15 feet. Good baits to try are small jigs, swim baits, and last but not least, live minnows. Again color of artificial baits will depend on water clarity so be prepared with different styles and colors.

 White bass: These fish at this time of year are mostly found up river on the north end of the lake. Depths to target should be 2-8 feet deep. Rocky points, rocky banks, and river shoals are great places to find these fish as they begin the spawn. However, once these fish begin the actual spawning process, they will quit biting for a few days. Once they have recovered from the spawn, they will go on a post spawn feeding spree. Good baits to try are rattle traps, small swim baits, and shallow running crank baits. Colors will again depend on water clarity.

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This beautiful lake has breathtaking scenery and wildlife.
Springtime fishing on Broken Bow Lake is in full swing! You can catch all 3 species of bass (largemouth and spotted bass most consistently), white bass, walleye (starts in mid April) and crappie this time of the year. I love the weather, I love the versatility, and I LOVE the fishing!