Updated 06/29/2018

​Broken Bow Lake is 6 feet below normal with the water temps in the mid to upper 80’s. Summer fishing can be very exciting as well as very frustrating at times. 

 Bass: Some of the most exciting action during the summertime is following largemouth, spotted, and white bass schooling as they chase bait fish on the surface. Always be prepared and have an eye out for this fast paced action. Good baits to have rigged are top waters, shad imitation swim baits, and shad colored rattle traps. Areas to look for include creek channels and mouths of feeder creeks that feed into the main lake or river channel. This activity is best in early mornings and late evenings.

 Crappie: Summertime can provide some of the better fishing for these tasty pan fish. Target standing timber along the edges of the main creek channels and river channel. Depths can vary as they will suspend around any type of cover. Small jigs are a good technique to try when fishing this style of cover. Secondly, deep brush piles found by using your electronics can provide a lot of action. Again, small jigs can be effective, but live minnows can be a very productive method to fill your live well quickly.

 I still have a few dates open this summer, so if you are interested in booking a trip just call, text, or email me for availability.


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