Updated 3/06/2019

Broken Bow Lake is at normal pool elevation with the water temps in the upper 40’s.

 March is a good month to catch a variety of fish from bass, to crappie, to white bass. These species are beginning to start staging in pre-spawn areas and will begin making their move to shallower water as the water temps begin to warm. Conditions during the month of March can change rapidly. Lake levels and water temps can fluctuate depending on rain amounts and various air temp changes. With these possible changes occurring, anglers need to be adaptable and aware of the conditions each day. 

 Bass: As the water temps warm into the 50’s, all three species of bass begin moving from deeper water to staging areas for their spawn. Main river channels, creek channel points, channel swings, and flats are the best areas to begin looking. Depths can range from just a few feet of water to as deep as 15-20 ft. Several different techniques can be used to catch these pre-spawn fish such as Carolina rigs, Shakey Heads, drop shots, and Texas rigged soft plastics.

 White bass: March is the month these fish make their annual spawning run up river to shallow water. Rock points, rocky shoals, and flat transition banks adjacent to the main river channel are good starting points to search for these. Depths should range from 2-8 ft of water. Good baits choices are small swim baits, shallow running crank baits, and small jigs.

 Crappie: These sought after springtime fish can be a little tricky at times to locate. Start with standing timber on the edge of the old river channel or along creek channels. They begin suspending around timber before moving shallower for the spawn. Also, if you can find brush piles with your electronics, they can also prove to be productive. Depths can vary drastically from 10-20 ft down. They suspend, so this depth range is a good place to begin looking. Good baits to start with are small crappie jigs.

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