Updated 8.01.2016

Broken Bow Lake is 7 feet below normal pool elevation with the water temps steadily in the upper 80's. The lake level will continue to drop as we go thru August and into September due to the steady release of water, and just basic evaporation because of the heat and lack of rain.
 This lower pool elevation helps in the overall fishing. Here are some basic things to look for while targeting a couple species of fish that seem to produce the best numbers thru late summer and early fall.

 Largemouth bass and Spotted bass: The key in finding these two species of bass is their food source, which in the summer and early fall is mainly shad. Look for schools of bait in the mid lake to upper lake regions. These schools of bait and bass can be found in different depths ranging from as shallow as 8-10 feet of water, all the way out to over 40-60 feet of water. Good baits to have rigged should include some type of top water in shad pattern, a drop shot with a small finesse type worm, and a Texas rigged worm. Color and size of worm will depend on water color and depth.
 Also, these species of bass like to school and feed on shad on the surface in the morning and late evening hours of the day, so keep a look out for any activity. This is a fun, exciting way to catch them when you find them.

 Crappie: Best results for catching this abundant game fish is by fishing deep sunken brush piles or standing timber close to deep water. Depths can range from 10-30 foot of water depending on location. Minnows are the best bait of choice to use to get the best results, however small jigs and spoons can also be effective.

 I am booking trips for late summer and fall now, so if you are interested in booking a trip, just call, e-mail, or text me for availability. If you text me, please identify yourself in case I don't have your number listed in my contacts. Also, ask about our August "Beat The Heat" special!


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