Updated 4.11.2016

Broken Bow Lake is at normal pool elevation with the water temp in the low to mid 60's.
 Fishing is fantastic with great numbers, size, and species being caught, as you can see by the pics.
 All species are and have been going thru their spawning process. Shallow water from just from a few feet out to about 12 feet is most productive.
 There are many ways to catch fish right now depending on the species you want to target.
 My best advice is to fish the conditions you have for the day, and once you get a few bites, try to establish your pattern.
 I have limited days open, but if you would like a great fishing adventure, just give me a call and we can get you booked. I have multiple guides working for my service, so if I'm not available, I can set you up with one of them.
I am already booking for this summer and next fall, so if you are interested in booking a trip, just call, e-mail, or text me for availability. If you text me, please identify yourself in case I don't have your number listed in my contact list.


If you have any questions, feel free to call:
 870-582-4561 (cell)
580-494-6447 (home)
Email me at brokenbowlakeguide@gmail.com