Updated 06/03/2023

Broken Bow Lake is at normal pool elevation with water temps in the upper 70’s. 
What a great spring for my clients and different varieties of fish caught! As you can tell in just a few pics on the report, we had a lot of happy fisherman!
We are now transitioning into summer fishing, which can be the most
challenging time of year to fish. 

The biggest key to finding different species of fish is finding the forage they feed on. The old saying is true, "find the bait, find the fish!"

Whether you are bass, sand bass, walleye, or crappie fishing, bait is always the common factor.

Bass: Summertime means schooling activity for largemouth and spotted bass. Always be on the lookout for surface activity. This could be over deeper water around creek channels and main lake points. Depths can range from 20-80 ft. Bass move around in the summer months, so covering water and watching for the activity is key. Baits should include top waters, swim baits, and spy baits.

White bass: These fish really are nomadic and will move daily. You can catch them surfacing one day and as deep as 50-65 ft the next. Good electronics will help find these schools of fish. Baits can range from swim baits to vertical jigging spoons. Creek channels, deep points, and humps are good starting points.

Crappie: These sought after game fish are caught in good numbers during the summer.
Live sonar enhances your opportunity in finding schools of quality sized crappie. Deep brush piles and standing timber along creek channels and the main river channel are two good starting points with some also being caught suspended and roaming over deep water. Small jigs and live minnows are good choices of bait to start with.

I am booking for the summer and dates are limited! I have several full-time guides working for me, so if you have a date in mind just call, text, or email me and we will arrange a great fishing experience for you!


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