Updated 10/02/2014 ~ I will post a winter update in a couple of weeks, around the 1st of the year.

Broken Bow Lake is 8 feet below normal pool level. The water temp has slowly begun to fall into the low to mid 70 degree range.

 Fall is my favorite time of year to fish the lake, not only because of the great fishing, but because of the natural beauty of the landscape as the fall colors begin to arrive.

 Fishing really begins getting better as we come out of a hot summer and the cooler fall temps take over. Bass fishing always seems to be best in the fall months, so that is what I target whether it is largemouth, spotted, or smallmouth. Here a few tips and techniques on how to target and catch all three species.

 Smallmouth: The best areas to look for these beautiful brown bass are long main lake points with a mixture of rock and sand, under water rock island tops, and rocky clay banks with deep water nearby. Depths to target range from just a few feet of water, out to about 20 feet. Good baits to try are top waters and spinnerbaits in the early part of the morning, and then as day progresses, try a more finesse approach like a drop shot, shakey head, tubes, or skirted grubs. Colors for your top water and spinnerbait should be a basic shad pattern. Natural colors work best with your finesse tactics.

 Largemouth and Spotted bass: The two species will be mixed together as fall gets into full swing. Target main creek channel points and main deep river points where shad are abundant. The old saying "find the bait, find the fish" holds very true when locating these bass. Depths can range from to 10 to 30 feet. A key in finding and catching multiple fish off of these deep points is submerged standing timber. These bass like to suspend down in this timber and ambush schools of shad as they move thru an area. Two really productive techniques to catch them are a drop shot and a small shakey head. Finesse is the key in getting consistent bites. Good colors to use on these two finesse worm techniques are plum, electric blue, smoke purple, and watermelon purple.

 Finally, the last way to catch both species of bass is by watching for them surfacing and feeding on shad. This "schooling" pattern is a very fun and exciting way to catch a lot of bass. Always be prepared for this action by having a top water such as a Zara Spook Jr. or Sammy 85 rigged and ready to go just in case you find these fish actively feeding on top!

 I am booking up fast for fall, so if you are interested in booking a trip on the most scenic and best fishery in Oklahoma, just contact me at anytime for availability. I have also started booking dates for spring 2015; the sooner you get your dates lined out, the better the chance you have of guaranteeing your dates of choice.  GOOD FISHING!!!

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A beautiful lake seen through the lens of a drone camera. 
I love the versatility of winter fishing! You can go for quality and catch some impressive sized bass, or go for quantity and fish until you're tired! I'll take both!