FISHING REPORT ~ February 2015
Updated 2/5/2015

Broken Bow Lake is 4 feet below normal with the water temps ranging from 47 to 48 degrees from the lower end to mid lake. The upper part of the lake is cooler with temps ranging from 42-45 degrees.

 February is a great month for targeting quality bass. Fishing during this month can lead to exciting action with the anticipation of catching a big fish with every bite.

 There are many different techniques that can be used this time of year. Of course, these techniques depend on a couple of variables such as water temp, type of day weather wise, and wind. These factors can all play into having a productive day on the water.

 With this in mind, and with different patterns to fish, this month can be a great time to fish. Yes, you do have to sometimes deal with unpleasant weather conditions, but many times it is worth it to fish Broken Bow Lake.

 I am not only booking for this month, but for the springtime months as well. My April is very full already, and May is starting to fill up, so if you know you will be coming to fish in March, April, or May, book your dates as soon as possible to ensure you are able to get in a trip. If you are interested in booking a trip, please call, email, or text me anytime! Call or text me at 870-582-4561 (if you text me, please identify yourself in case I don't have your number listed in my contact list). Email me at or
 Also, don't forget about my February Couples Special. Book a trip for two people and receive 10% off! Any two people qualify; husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, father/son, or just two friends wanting to fish together! This discount is available for either the 5 hour or 8 hour day, and is valid for any amount of days, whether it's just one day on the water or three days! By booking your trip this month for two people, you get 10% off as many trips as you want to take in February!


If you have any questions, feel free to call:
or 870-582-4561 (cell)
Email me at:
A beautiful lake seen through the lens of a drone camera. 
February is a great month for big bass! I love the versatility of winter fishing! You can go for quality and catch some impressive sized bass, or go for quantity and fish until you're tired! I'll take both!